Allegheny College Aikido Club

The Alleghen

Rules of Practice:

1. The original purpose of budo was to send a man to death with a single blow. Since all techniques can be lethal, you must obey your teacher implicitly in practice and never engage in competition.

2. Budo is an art by which one learns to face many simultaneously. Therefore, train yourself always to be mindful of, and alert to not only the one opponent before you, but also opponents in the four and eight directions.

3. Always train in a vibrant and joyful manner.

4. The instructor can only impart a small portion of the teaching. Only through ceaseless training can you obtain the necessary experience allowing you to bring these mysteries alive. Hence, do not chase after many techniques, but instead, study the techniques one by one, and make each one your own.

5. In daily training, begin with basic movements to strengthen the body without overexertion. Spend the first ten minutes, warming up, and there will be no fear of injury, even for old people. Enjoy yourself in training and strive to comprehend its true purpose.

6. The purpose of budo is to train the mind and body in the spirit of harmony and produce people who are sincere in character. The techniques are transmitted from person to person, on an individual basis, and should no be disclosed indiscriminately to those who would issue them for evil purposes.

Rules for Practice as set out by Morihei Ueshiba, O-Sensei, in his book, "Budo", written in 1938.